Changing the Landscape of the Workplace


Nashua Communications flexible Cloud packages are bundled to seamlessly enable Office 365 Cloud PBX for your business; ultimately maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Our cloud value Proposition

The dynamics of business communication has shifted to a more complex and diverse myriad of technologies with communication capabilities and choices constantly changing. Business's around the world want the benefits of seamless Cloud Migration with communications integrated into their business processes, including securing competetive advantages, cutting costs and saving natural resources. In the current global market, the smarter you operate the more successful you will be that is why Nashua Communications using Skype Operations Framework provides the foundation to help seamlessly accelerate your business into the Cloud.

Our cloud services offering

At Nashua Communications our OpenScale services are a complete portfolio of consultancy, integration and managed services. Our "Open" approach to solution design, such as Services Orientated Architecture (SOA) and service delivery, caters for complex integration requirements and multi-vendor management. Our OpenScale services portfolio is fully able to meet the diverse and flexible requirements of most demanding domestic and global businesses.


In the years ahead, the green credentials of a product will be a key criterion in the buying decision of enterprises, not only because of rising energy costs, but also in view of moral and ethical considerations and responsibility. We strongly associate with factors that effect the quality of our environment, both within our company and in the market place.

With the advent of Cloud 365, businesses are assisted in addressing environmental concerns and cost savings with teleconferencing, video conferencing and remote collaboration tools that support teleworking and energy saving. We are a quality standards based and process driven organisation with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification

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Nashua Communications service for Skype Operations Framework

Plan | Deliver | Operate

  • Assess Business needs for our clients
  • Site Survey/Network Readiness using Prognosis UC Assessor
  • Call Plan Assessment (DID migration planning)
  • Activation production pilot
  • Contact Centre and Voice Recording scoping
  • Commisioning (Cloud/Hybrid Integration on premises and Cloud mix)
  • Device end point deployment
  • Porting PSTN numbers and DID's
  • Access link implementation
  • Customer End-User Training
  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Application Integration
  • Self-Service Portal for Incidents
  • 24/7/365 Service Desk and Technical Support
  • Remote Diagnostics / Proactive Monitoring
  • Solution Usage review
  • Accounting Management Reports
  • Evaluate: ensure communication architecture and call plans align with changing business
  • Service Delivery Excellence: Performance Reports
  • Manage all Communications Services